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Let Us Smile at Life

                   —Impressions of Helen Keller’s autobiography Three Days to See

初一(6)班 俞璐

Do you know the world famous Helen Keller? I’m sure you do. Recently, I read a book about her, and was deeply moved by the story. I admire her for her point of view on life. Helen was disabled. I think her life must be very hard and full of difficulties. However, with the help from Anne Sullivan Macy, her teacher, Helen not only graduated from Harvard University, but became a great person as well.

I think she wouldn’t be so reputable, if she spent most of her time on complaint. She might become an ordinary disabled person who did not have many experiences. So, smiling at life is a basic element of success.

It is for sure that every person will face difficulties in his life, big or small. A world without troubles only exists in fairy tales. The most important thing for us is to keep hope before hardship.

People may remember the smile of a girl called Tang Qin, which is titled the Most Beautiful Smile in the earthquake by the public. Her leg was broken by the crashed wall of her school. When facing the camera in an aid station after being rescued from the ruins, she smiled. It seems like sunshine from the gloomy clouds in winter. Smile can bring hope and help people walk out of the sadness.

I took part in an English competition when I was eleven years old. Since there were so many people looking at me under the stage, I felt very nervous. So, I forgot my speech and stood on the stage for two minutes without saying anything. I was so sad about it. But I never lost hope. After that, I studied even harder on English. Then, I achieved success in my speech competition later on. If I kept crying and complaining, I would have a totally different experience.

So, let’s smile. Never lose hope when you meet any difficulty. Work harder with a smile as Helen Keller did in her glorious life.



                                              Find a happy childhood

                        初一(6)班 戴佳璐                                                                                                          

“Every one can find his own sunny childhood in this book.” This sentence captured my attention. This sentence is written on the cover of a book. This book is Pea Small in a Window.Small Pea is the name of a girl in the book).

   Small Pea in a Window tells us true stories about the writer's primary school life. The writer was dropped out of her primary school. “Drop-out” of this world gave her mother heavy blow. But her mother did not tell this bad news to Small Pea. She just told her to go to a new school. Small Pea was very innocent. She didn't know what it meant. And she went to school very happily. The new school changed her fate. In Mr. Lin's guidance, she changed from a strange child to a great child.

    Our school work was heavier and heavier. We almost don’t have the concept of the “childhood” any more. After I read this book, I thought I should treasure my happy childhood. Between the lines this book revealed the children's simple and naive thought. I thought Mr. Lin was very great. He made effort to create a paradise of happiness. In this school there were no scores, no ranking, no strict rules, there was no criticism, no discrimination……not anything of unhappiness. In this school teachers and students were equal. The school was full of happiness. And there was a happy childhood paradise. Mr. Lin gave me the first impression that he was very common and pretty kind. He was a very good headmaster, too. He could listen to Small Pea tell her boring things for four hours. He was very patient. And he loved children. The children in that school were so lucky because there was such a headmaster and there was such a school.

    In addition, there was the impact of family education. It made Small Pea have cheerful and happy personality. Her mother had played a very important role in her growth. When a child has problems, parents are very angry. If they hear “Drop-out”, they must fly into a rage. But Small Pea's mother didn't fly into a rage. She was just looking for a new school, and said “We are going to the new school. That school sounds good!” Small Pea did not have any sense of inferiority to the new school. Her family had a special member. It was a dog and its name was Rocky. Rocky brought Small Pea love and let her understand how to be kind to animals.

    Because of the family and the school's special education, Small Pea changed. She became a very good child. I think children should have a very happy family and a happy and harmonious society to grow up in. Every child should learn tolerance, understanding and patient. I believe while God closed one door he opened another window. Please create a happy world for children with love. 




  The Truth Between Humanity And Law

初一(4)班 俞子炀

Orient Express was unusually crowded for the time of year. It rained heavily all night. After midnight, the express had to stop because of the snowstorm. Early the next morning, all the passengers were wakened by a noise because the conductor found an American dead in his room, stabbed for twelve times by a knife, and his room was locked inside……

It is just the beginning of Murder On The Orient Express, a very good detective novel written by Ms. Agatha Christie. Mr. Poirot happened to be on that express. He guessed the murderer must be a person in the train. But everyone had perfect evidence for not being at the scene. Nobody could escape from the close space. Following the development of the case, we started to know the true identity of the victim, Mr. Ratchett, whose true name was Cassetti. He had kidnapped a three-year-old girl. But he had already killed the girl when he got the money. The girl’s parents couldn’t stand it and committed suicide. But the murderer fled the country with money .So after a few years, twelve of the avengers who were friends and family of the girl’s parents avenged the crime in their own way that the law was unable to punish. But at last, the conductor and the doctor told the police a person who was short, black and sounded like a woman killed Ratchett.

The story was so exciting and it tried to tell us much truth between law and humanity as followings.

First, you may think it’s not right for the detective not to tell the police the truth. But I don’t think so. The law couldn’t punish all the crimes and evils, and not all the crimes and evils are to be punished. Law is the rule of society, but not completely fair. All the rules are based on the humanity, or nobody would obey and be persuaded. Who will fill up the leakage of the law? Somebody will stand out when some cases couldn’t be resolved by the law. They just promote the justice and punish the evils instead of law.

Second, there aren’t perfect things in the world. Everything has their problems, such as the plan of the murder of the Cassetti. They planned it carefully, but there were a lot of problems. First, Poirot got on the express. Then the express stopped because of the snowstorm. At last, Mrs.Caroline Martha Hubbard didn’t sleep in her own compartment. So the lie was debunked.

Third, believe your mind, not your eyes. In this story, nothing you have seen was real.

No one seemed to have anything to do with the case, but actually, it was the opposite. Everyone was related to the case.

I love this book so much that I have read it for many times. Every time I read it, I have new feelings



Charlotte’s Web——A Great Friendship








初一(5)班 钱乐琛



Charlotte’s Web is a story about the friendship between a piggy named Wilbur and a spider called Charlotte. The piggy will be ham and bacon for Christmas. He can’t escape from his destiny. At that moment, a small spider says in a small voice, ”We can be friends. Let me help you.” She uses her silk to weave wonderful words, such as “Some Pig” “Terrific” “Humble” in her web. Those marvelous words make Wilbur’s destiny change a lot. All the people think Wilbur is a terrific piggy and his life is full of happiness and peace. But at that time, the spider Charlotte’s life will end.

What a great friendship! Charlotte spends a lot of time ,almost her life helping Wilbur. She tries her best to save her friend. What impresses me deeply is these words: “You’ll never die!” “I’ll save you .” Yes, she realizes her promise. She does it until the final, until the moment she dies.

We also need a selfless friendship like that. If we are in trouble, our friend can comfort us. If we are in trouble, our friend can help us. If we are in trouble, our friend can guide us. “A friend in need is a friend indeed. ”This proverb is true. We also have to be honest to our friends and do everything in our power.

Charlotte says “Goodbye” and she has already gone with the wind, accompanied by her web’s silk. Although she has gone, their friendship will remain. I hope everyone’s friendship can live forever.



Going with Courage and Wisdom

初二(4)班 陈嘉逸   

I always wanted to find the courage and wisdom of lives from a book. Fortunately, I have found them in Robinson Crusoe. You can’t imagine how excited I was when I read the book.

I think Robinson Crusoe first showed us his courage. To begin with, he didn’t want to live an ordinary life; he was fond of adventures. Afterwards, he left his home and started adventures on the sea. However, one day, the storm turned over the boat, which sent him to an island where he lived for 28 years. I like Robinson Crusoe, because he showed his courage to us. He never ran away or was afraid, but he was courageous. He wasn’t frightened of the island. Neither was he frightened of the Cannibals. Courage is his life; courage is his way! He loved adventures. That’s the special hobby for him. The more adventures he had, the more courageous he was in my heart.

Apart from courage, he showed us his wisdom as well. Although he lived alone, he overcame so many difficulties that we couldn’t believe. Why could he overcome so many difficulties? One proper answer is—He used his wisdom. When there was no house, he made a house by himself; when there was no food, he tried to feed goats; when there was no furniture, he made chairs and tables by himself. He also taught a CannibalFriday, and made friends with him. Robinson Crusoe was clever enough to solve all the puzzles. How smart he was!

When I was young, I dreamed that one day I would start out an adventure on the sea only with a parcel on my back, looking for the dreams that belong to me, and exploring my world and my future! However, at that time I was too young to think about how dangerous such a journey is. Perhaps, Robinson Crusoe didn’t know the difficulties which were waiting for him either. In my opinion, because of the adventures, Robinson Crusoe could get over his difficulties, embrace his world, and lead his new life .We don’t have many difficulties in our lives for our parents care us so much. On the contrary, we need difficulties; we need to have the chance to say, “Yes! We can do that!” Because of this, we are able to see the fascinating world after the storm.

Courage and wisdom are like your two hands. You can’t have only one of them. With courage and wisdom, life will be more beautiful!



A Beautiful Heart

初二(8)班 曹禾舒楠

    We usually say” What a beautiful girl!”, when we see that girl who has a beautiful look. That is right, good looking always makes people feel happy. Any way, I think a girl who has a pure, nice and kind heart is beautiful. After I read Heidi, I suddenly fell in love with this little girl who has a fair heart.

    This was not the first time I read Heidi. When I was in my primary school, I read this book more than three times. But all of them were in Chinese. Although I think Chinese is a nice language, when I read Heidi in English, I felt something was different. I really don’t know why. Some English words can’t be put into Chinese. It’s the same when you use English to translate the Chinese poems, you’ll feel really strange. So, as you can image, I really enjoy the time when I read Heidi in English. I could smell when the flower blooms. I could run and jump with Peter. I could have the sheep cheese. I just thought that I was Heidi.

    When I read the part of Heidi and Peter’s grandma, I felt there was something wet in my eyes. She is only an 8-year-old girl, but she knew how to care about others. We have a happy life which can let us have almost everything, so we can’t feel the hard life. It’s a basket of soft bread. But it’s not just a basket of soft bread now. They’re many baskets of love. Heidi’s pure heart which was kind enough was shining in front of me. She was the richest girl in my heart at that time.

    Heidi was a girl who was like the shining blue star in the evening in my mind. And the star is pretty and fantastic. She could make the light lighter than the sunshine. Because she was a kid, a kind kid, a kid who knew what people needed. Her blue eyes were bluer than the sky. Her brown hair was warmer than the ground of the mountain. Her face was redder than the apple. Her smile was the greatest one.

    And I really don’t like the house keeper in Clara’s house. What a bad woman she was! She didn’t know what a little child wanted, she didn’t know what a little child needed, she didn’t know what a little child was afraid of. She only knew what herself I thought. Maybe she was very faithful to her job. But sometimes it was not as good as she thought. Maybe she could be a little bit better to Heidi, so I would think that she was not too terrible. No one with a good heart will like her I thought. I didn’t know whether she was beautiful or not. I didn’t care about it. Because her heart was too hard, so there were no chances for me to like her. Maybe she was a rich woman, a woman who had a good job and a good family. But in my eyes, she was really poor. When I saw that she said Heidi was not a nice girl, you can image how angry I was. I really hope she could be kinder so that god wouldn’t punish her a lot.

    In a word, I thank the writer for bringing me this book, and whether a girl is beautiful or not is really decided on her heart.



To Be a Strong Man

初二(4)班 潘可登

If you ask me which book I have ever read is my favorite, I must say it is Robinson Crusoe. And whyBecause the story tells me what “strong” really means. The spirit of Robinson Crusoe always has a great influence on my study and my life.  

The story is about a sailor called Robinson Crusoe. Once, the boat which he was on turned over and all the people in the ship died except him. He arrived on a deserted island. At first, he was so hopeless that he thought he would not be alive at that time. But after some time, his life began to change—he built a little house in a cave and raised many goats for milk and meat. At the same time he also planted some wheat for bread. Although there was something dangerouseven he met great difficulties, finally he returned home with a servant named “Friday” and an old captain. The story has a happy ending.

The author—Daniel Defoe was born in 1660 and died in 1731. He was an Englishman. This story was based on the real experiences of a sailor called Alexander who lived on a deserted island for 4 years. After Defoe knew his story, although he was over 60 years old and never wrote any books, he wrote this well-known book – Robinson Crusoe. It was written many hundred years ago, but it also has its deep influence today.

The famous story helps me understand that “to be strong” is one of the most important personalities. Not only does it give us the courage to live better but also the confidence to succeed. Like Robinson, because of his strong mind, he could live happily at last. We should learn that from the story. If someone who loses his strong mind, he or she will lose the courage and confidence. And why do I say that he was a strong man? Because he lived on that remote island for over 28 years! Without any help! Without anyone! He built the house by himself, he raised the goats by himself, he planted the wheat by himself… I think these are enough to prove that he was a strong man!

Finally, here, I propose that everybody here should be a strong man like Robinson. And when we meet difficulties, we should face it bravely. When we are under pressure, we should bear hardship without complaining. And we should just regard the difficulties as challenges in our life! Hold on to our dreams and never give up! I love this book, I admire Robinson!



   Be a Real Prince

初二(4)班 周忆瑜

Do you think a hat can frighten you? I think you will laugh at this question and answer it without hesitation, “Of course not.” But will you see it as a snake which has just eaten an elephant? If you are puzzled now, you have already lost your childish heart. For regaining it, I began to read The Little Prince.

It is a book about pureness, love and life. The author of this book is Antoine De Saint-Exupery who showed us a pure world in children’s hearts through the prince’s eyes. In the story, “I” landed at a desert because my spaceship was broken, and “I” met the little prince at that time. We talked a lot and “I” learned a lot from his words as well. They experienced something together and “I” changed because of these things.

After I read this story, I was shocked. The prince’s words are so pure that they have many differences from the adults’. I think, if you want to live without any trouble, you must be a person beyond the following kinds of people.

The first kind is the king who stands for a person who likes to control others. The king even asked the prince to trial the rat. How foolish he was!

The second kind is a person who enjoys the moment when others flatter him very much. He is too proud to see himself clearly. And this kind of people will enthrall by themselves and can not listen to others’ suggestions.

Next is the drunkard. He always did not know what he should do or shouldn’t do. He lived without a goal, and he even didn’t know what he was going to do next.

A person who likes money is very stupid as well. In his mind, money is everything. He likes calculating and occupying anything else. ‘No one wants to own them before me.’ It is a funny sentence, but people must be speechless after reading it.

And the person who just does everything according to the rules is the fifth kind of people. They never think about breaking the rules, although some are really bad for them.

The last kind of people is a person who always gets bored. They think anything else is boring, and they don’t know how to appreciate the beauties in life. I think they are doleful.

The writer told a story to the adults through children’s eyes. Try to be a person who owns a children’s heart, a pure love, so that you could live happily. That is my opinion after reading it. What about yours?